Cooling Water
Heat Exchanger

Quantum Technical Services performs cooling water heat exchanger performance monitoring. We understand heat exchanger system stresses and make recommendations that can improve your operation’s reliability & profitability.

Summary of the Process

  • Thorough walk down of the entire cooling system
  • An engineering drawing that shows the cooling tower, associated pumps, analyzers, chemical feed system, and heat exchangers along with their orientation (elevation, series, parallel, etc.)
  • Field measurements are taken on each cooling water exchanger
  • From the field measurements & design data, calculations are performed, and critical KPIs are charted and shown on the dashboard
  • Routine monitoring of critical exchangers
Our customers use this data to track critical exchanger performance over time, catch potential upsets before they become real problems, and plan for turnarounds. Quantum Technical Services heat exchanger monitoring service provides an easy to interpret dashboard of the critical KPIs.