In today’s regulatory environment you have to team up with a trusted Radiation Safety Service Provider. We offer a complete line of radiation safety services to meet your operating and regulatory requirements.

RSO Class Dates 2014

February 19th – 20th May 14th – 15th September 17th – 18th November 12th – 13th ALL CLASSES BEGIN AT 8:00 AM All classes will be held at: Hampton Inn 506 West Bay Area Blvd. Webster, TX 77598 281-332-7952
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Quantum’s instructors are among the most experienced in the industry. Our courses are State approved and focus on the practical aspects of Radiation Safety. We continually review course materials internally to ensure the information is up to date with the latest regulatory changes.
We offer the following courses:
  • Nuclear Gauge Operator (8 hr)
  • Moisture Density Gauge (8 hr)
  • Industrial Radiation Safety Officer (16 hr)
  • Basic Radiation Safety (8 hr)v
  • RSO Refresher (8 hr)
  • NORM Surveyor (8 hr)
  • Analytical X-ray Safety
  • PMI Radiation Safety (Source or X-ray)
  • Custom Classes
Give us a call to discuss your specific training requirements. The class you need is probably already scheduled in your area.


Leaking radioactive sources are potentially costly and hazardous. Regulations require that sealed sources be leak tested at regular intervals. Our automated tracking service ensures timely notifications are sent to keep you in compliance. Upon successful completion of the assay at our facility, we will mail you a certificate for your records. If our test indicates a potential problem, you will be notified immediately. If needed, we can help you with source disposal, decontamination, or other consulting services.


Quantum Technical Services offers the most convenient and economical calibration services available. We calibrate and service all major equipment brands.
Please complete and print out our Equipment Return Form and include a copy with your instrument(s) when you ship to us.
All instruments should be shipped to:
Quantum Technical Services, Inc. Attn.: Calibration Department 15502 Old Galveston Road, Suite 711 Webster, TX 77598
Email Inquiries:
Justin Harris: jmharris@nalco.com or Ricky Crouch: rccrouch@nalco.com
Consulting Scheduling Inquiries:
Michelle Harris: mharris@qtsafety.com


  • NORM monitoring during routine or plant turnaround activities
  • NORM training
  • Onsite NORM safety support


  • Equipment Decontamination Services
  • NORM Disposal Services
  • NORM Waste Remediation


  • Radiation Licensing Consulting
  • Compliance Audits
  • Custom Programs
  • Radioactive Source Disposal


Quantum Technical Services offers a unique approach to your fixed gauge operation. Our program is specifically designed to ensure chemical plants and refineries operate their fixed nuclear gauge programs in compliance with the Texas Administrative Code (§289).

This is a turnkey solution already being utilized by several plants. We will come into your facility twice per year and perform the following services:
  • Review of fixed gauge postings with cleaning/replacement of signs as necessary
  • Leak test of sealed sources
  • Calibration of meters
  • Provide necessary training for all personnel that operate or repair gauges
  • Perform mandatory inventories of the radioactive sources and document shutter operation
  • Review and process individual monitoring records
  • Review radiation protection program and update as necessary
  • Audit all other records relating to fixed gauges
In addition to fixed gauges, we will perform all required procedures for any other ionizing equipment (e.g. X-Ray, PMA, etc.) Once initiated, this program will require minimal involvement from you or your employees. Our trained professionals require little supervision and we will issue a formal report twice per year. Quantum’s Radiation Protection Program covers all aspects of your operation and eliminates potential exposure to fines caused by improper tracking of your nuclear gauges.


Quantum Technical Services offers both Radiation Safety and Industrial Diagnostic services. This places our group in a unique position to offer bundled packages to our Petro-Chem clients.

Give us a call to discuss the economic advantages of consolidating your Radiation Safety and Industrial Diagnostic Suppliers.

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