Cooling Tower
Efficiency Study

Quantum’s Cooling Tower Efficiency Study can help you identify ways to optimize heat transfer, improve cooling tower performance, and prioritize maintenance work items to get the most out of your cooling tower.

Energy and water costs are a large portion of a plant’s annual operating expenses. Cooling Towers play an important function in supplying the operating unit with cool water for heat exchange equipment. However, if the Cooling Tower is not operating efficiently, energy usage will be impacted. Running just 1 degree hotter on the cooling tower can result in a 2% increase in energy usage. A loss of five degrees in approach to wet bulb will result in a 10-15% loss in cooling load.

Quantum Technical Services has the expertise and resources to perform Cooling Tower Efficiency Studies.

Benefits of an Efficiency Study include:

  • Determine the thermal operating condition of the cooling tower
  • Identify areas where cooling water supply temperature could be lowered to improve unit operation
  • Avoid unplanned shutdowns by identifying and prioritizing maintenance recommendations

The Efficiency Study includes will include the following components:

  • Design vs. Test Atmospheric Conditions
  • Air Flow Evaluation
  • Water Flow Evaluation
  • Performance Evaluation – Liquid to Gas Ratio
  • Performance Evaluation – KaV/L and Effective Heat Transfer Area
  • Infrared Thermal Scans to identify & illustrate where potential problems exist
All of the audit information will be compiled in a comprehensive report. A prioritized list of maintenance items will be included to assist you in planning for routine maintenance or turnarounds. Following through with the maintenance recommendations will result in cooling tower performance improvement and energy savings.

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