Cooling Water
Reliability Audit

Quantum Technical Services takes a systematic, total system approach to evaluating your cooling water management. This is a data driven process that examines the mechanical, operational and chemical components of your system.

Our consultants have been performing system reliability audits as a service for many of our customers for more than a decade. We have surveyed hundreds of cooling systems and thousands of heat exchangers. This puts Quantum Technical Services in the unique position to be the only company capable of providing comprehensive benchmarking and correlational analysis of all key reliability factors as well as offering proven non-chemical solutions to many performance gaps.

By using this process, we can identify ways to:

  • Maximize the asset reliability
  • Reduce total operating costs
  • Increase unit profitability through sound engineering practices and the value of knowledge
The results of the audit are used to identify the specific mechanical, operational and chemical stresses on the system. Only after identifying these system stresses and quantifying their effect on asset reliability and operating costs are meaningful recommendations for improvement made.

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