Other Scans

Gamma scan technology can be used to help diagnose a vast amount of operational and mechanical issues. Quantum Technical Services has crews ready for quick response to your troubleshooting needs.


Pipe scans are a variation on traditional gamma scans. We position a source and detector 180° apart with our adjustable scan device and move the two down the piping simultaneously. A reduction in counts represents material deposits. If the density of the material is known we can calculate the actual amount of the build-up. Pipe scans are commonly used to locate:
  • Polymer deposits
  • Coke buildup/blockage
  • Missing refractory
  • Liquids in gas lines
  • Sludge in flare lines
  • Ice blockages
Pipe scans are quick and cost effective for both insulated and non-insulated lines. Depending on the configuration and access, one two man crew can easily scan several hundred feet of pipe in a day with immediate results. Pipe scans have numerous other applications not listed here. View Graph Give us a call to discuss the many ways pipe scans can benefit your operations.


Gamma scans of coke drums during the fill cycle yield valuable information. Coke drum scans allow us to profile foam characteristics. With this information we can help minimize the potential for foam carryover, optimize antifoam usage, and increase throughput. Drum scans can also be used to calibrate or verify level gauges. Coke drum scans have the potential to make an immediate positive impact on your operations.


We provide numerous scan applications in FCC Units including:
  • Riser scans
  • Stripper scans
  • Cyclone scans
  • Regenerator level scans
  • Standpipe scans

These are examples of some of the other ways gamma scans can benefit your operations. Contact us to discuss the numerous other gamma scan techniques available.

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