Crude Preheat

The fouling of heat transfer equipment results in higher energy, maintenance and capital equipment costs and can also lead to reduced throughput rates. Quantum can help you monitor fouling trends in critical heat exchanger networks and model the effects of proposed remedial actions on run-up temperatures, furnace duties and profitability.

Energy lost due to fouling in the crude preheat is a major energy-savings opportunity. Quantum Technical Services, a Nalco Champion Company is the best service provider to consider for outsourcing energy monitoring on your crude preheat system. We have the capabilities and manpower to help you maximize the normalized furnace inlet temperature (NFIT), which will lead directly to lower fuel consumption and reduced greenhouse gas emissions, thereby helping you meet your sustainability goals.

Our energy management approach involves a complete preheat audit combined with a lab analysis of crude streams and/or foulant material to help determine possible fouling mechanisms. Concurrently, a rigorous exchanger network simulator is implemented to establish a fouling baseline for a system and highlight which exchangers should be cleaned to achieve the maximum net benefit. The simulator also tracks the performance of fouling mitigation strategies (mechanical, operational, &/or chemical) and their ultimate impact on profitability.

Benefits of Crude Preheat Energy Monitoring & Management:

  • Optimized exchanger cleaning strategy
  • Extended unit run length
  • Crude selection flexibility
  • Refinery fuel gas savings
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reduction in your EII (energy intensity index)

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