Modeling for
Industrial Water

Growing water scarcity, diminishing water quality and increasing government regulations are causing the Industrial market to search for practical and cost-effective water conservation solutions. Quantum Technical Services is ideally qualified to develop a detailed map of your current water usage and provide insightful recommendations to meet your water conservation goals.

Our approach utilizes:

  • A dedicated team of water modeling experts
  • Proprietary Water Modeling Software
  • Process and water experts to support the process
Unlike traditional engineering consultants or equipment OEMs, Quantum Technical Services can optimize existing treatment systems and/or evaluate alternate treatment scenarios with higher precision and reduced time – with less intervention in your operations.

Our dedicated team of consultants will work with you to:

  • Understand your water conservation goals and constraints
  • Collect flow and quality data for each process system in the plant
  • Create a comprehensive “as-is” plant wide water balance model
  • Develop potential “to-be” water reuse and recycle scenarios
  • Provide budgetary cost estimates for each ‘to-be” scenario

Benefits of Nalco Water Modeling Services

  • Clear picture of your entire water system
  • Ability to provide multiple “what-if” scenarios
  • Continued engagement for CAPEX solutions
  • Solutions that align with your goals

Our consultants have assisted in the design or review of over 400 industrial water treatment systems worldwide. Contact us to see how Quantum Technical Services can help you with your water conservation goals.

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